Apply with LinkedIn

Starting Monday July 31st, 2014, this plugin will be fully deprecated and cease to work.

Apply with LinkedIn is an easy, elegant, flexible plugin that enables visitors to your career page to apply to jobs with their LinkedIn profiles. With just a few lines of copy-paste code, your users can get a frictionless, beautiful application experience that results in more candidates of higher quality for you. If you want, learn more about the benefits of Apply with LinkedIn before continuing with this technical guide.

Click on the button to see Apply with LinkedIn in action:

Don't worry! You're not actually applying for this job.

The easiest way to configure Apply with LinkedIn is to use our plugin generator page. This visual interface lets you customize the plugin with no programming and without needing to consult our reference documentation.

If you choose to have the application e-mailed to you, you don't need to write a single line of code. However, you can also get the application sent as JSON or XML data to your Web server. Processing Applications walks you through the ins-and-outs of setting this up and processing the data we send you.

Developers who need to support processing multiple applications for one or more companies (for example, you are a job board or an ATS), should read our full implementation guide to learn how they can programmatically generate the correct input options to configure the plugin.

Here's how we suggest you proceed:

  • Getting Started: Create a basic Apply button for your site with the minimal required parameters.
  • Visual Display Options: Configure how your plugin looks, including a highlight color.
  • Functional Options: Change how the plugin behaves, including what questions it asks.
  • Processing Applications: If you're not receiving the application by e-mail, parse the application formatted in JSON or XML

If you have any questions, please post them in our Plugin Forum.