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  • Justin Kominar : Nov 24, 2014

    We have a pretty important saying around here at LinkedIn, and it's that members come first. Whether you're building your professional identity on or developing professional integrations with our API, you're a 'member' of our community. In an effort to bring our developer-centric member support to the next level, we are happy to announce that starting today, November 24th, we will begin actively contributing our platform-specific expertise to the talented community of...

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  • Kamyar Mohager : Aug 28, 2014

    At LinkedIn we believe we should always be putting our members first. The LinkedIn Platform is no different. To that end, we've compiled a definitive list of best practices to guide our developers when building applications on our platform. We've also made some changes to how OAuth 2.0 authenticated requests are made, ensuring even more security for your users.

    Keeping Your Application Secure

    By following the key points we've highlighted in our security best practices guide you...

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  • Adam Trachtenberg : Jun 18, 2014

    As part of our ongoing efforts to help you make the most of the LinkedIn Platform, we've updated our API Terms of Use to further clarify our terms and conditions.

    To ensure a good developer experience, we've added more detail around what we offer through our self-service Developer Program and what the requirements are for our partner programs for hiring, marketing, or selling applications.

    We’ve also been actively listening to feedback from our members and have made some...

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  • Lee Fu : May 27, 2014
    Alumni Tool plugin

    Want to showcase the career paths of students and alumni on your site? The Alumni Tool plugin shows the top places where they work, where they live, and what they studied while in school. It’s an embeddable version of LinkedIn’s full Alumni Tool!

    Getting Started

    Many schools and sites have already added the Alumni Tool plugin to their page, and now you can too.

    Head over to the Alumni Tool generator page, type the school you’re interested in, grab the HTML...

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  • Anna Keramaty : May 20, 2014

    To compliment our Company Statistics API, we would like to announce our new Historical Company Statistics API. You will now be able to show your users historical company page data in real time. These new endpoints will allow your users to see how their followers and page engagement are trending, which should help them target and expand their reach. Here is a closer look at our new API:

    Historical Company Statistics By providing historical statistics in real time, you will be able to...

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  • Lee Fu : May 16, 2014

    Removing Products & Services requests from your code On April 14, 2014 the Products & Services tab was removed from all LinkedIn Company Pages.

    What does this mean for you? All current requests to company Products & Services via the API will continue to return results as usual. However, because companies no longer have access to their Products & Services tab, this data may no longer be up to date.

    Starting Monday July 14th, 2014, these endpoints will be fully...

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  • Shikha A. Sehgal : Mar 13, 2014

    OAuth 2 is a protocol that allows applications to interact with LinkedIn's APIs.

    In order to make the LinkedIn platform even more secure, and so we can comply with the security specifications of OAuth 2, we are asking those of you who use OAuth 2 to register your application's redirect URLs with us by April 11, 2014.

    Why is LinkedIn doing this? We are asking you to register your application's redirect URLs with us to enhance security on the LinkedIn platform and for better...

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  • Adam Trachtenberg : Nov 4, 2013

    I'd like to announce an adjustment to our developer program aimed at improving the health of our overall developer ecosystem and ensuring the quality of experience for LinkedIn’s members.

    Last year we clarified our LinkedIn APIs Terms of Use. Since then we have made regular updates to ensure these terms of use are being enforced in a way that minimizes shut-downs of applications. It’s in everyone’s best interest - ours, yours and our members- to make sure those applications developed...

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  • Kamyar Mohager : Oct 7, 2013

    At Apple's WWDC announcement in June, we were thrilled to share the news with the world that Apple’s latest desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, includes system-level integration with LinkedIn. The LinkedIn integration in OS X Mavericks includes built-in sharing to LinkedIn directly from Safari, and a new Safari feature called Shared Links that shows you webpages shared by your Connections and by Influencers you follow on LinkedIn.

    In addition to these...

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  • Kamyar Mohager : Sep 23, 2013

    A few weeks ago we were excited to announce the opening of our Company Pages & Analytics APIs to our developer community. With these APIs, we've made it easy for developers to publish content to company pages as well as provide key analytics to their end users. One of our developers that saw immediate impact after integrating with these newly available APIs was Buffer. Over 1,000,000 people use Buffer to easily publish content on multiple platforms, including LinkedIn.


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