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Developer Perspective: Brainsonic

To continue with the Developer Perspective Series, our next guest poster is Mathieu Crucq, a Senior Project Director from Brainsonic. This is a fantastic social and professional case study on how one of our French partners leveraged the LinkedIn API. Enjoy!

How LinkedIn’s API Enhanced The Social Experience At Microsoft TechDays 2013

Microsoft TechDays is the largest European IT event of the year, drawing 18,200 people to the Palais des Congrès in Paris, and more than 40,000 viewers via live streaming. In 2012, Microsoft TechDays organizers began to integrate some social aspects, encouraging people to recommend different speaker sessions on the website. A social ranking promoted the most “social” sessions. And this year, the social initiative was expanded by integrating LinkedIn’s API across the entire website.

For Microsoft, this networking space was a good way to engage people, because attendees who connected via LinkedIn were much more active and committed to the event. Although it was first intended as a registration portal, the TechDays website has actually become a key workspace.

Simplified Account Creation, Thanks To Sign In With LinkedIn

To begin the social experience, visitors could seamlessly sign in to the website using their LinkedIn profile and a pre-filled application form including their contact information. This really helped facilitate the registration process.

Developing Pre-Event Networking Opportunities With The API

One truly new feature enabled by the API was the creation of a virtual meeting room, where attendees could easily make appointments and talk about business opportunities. When participants joined the room, being connected to LinkedIn meant that we could auto-fill several fields with professional data: photo, current job, skills, company, industry sector, and expertise. LinkedIn’s precise data graph guaranteed the profile information was accurate and paved the way for an efficient networking zone.

Each LinkedIn profile became a fully qualified social object within the TechDays website. Plugins integrated into the pages and Open Graph tagging (which guaranteed consistency) made it easy to share the objects. Thanks to LinkedIn’s API and its ability to reveal contacts people had in common, it was possible to create a map representing how the members of the room were connected to one another.

Key Benefits

During the Microsoft TechDays event, LinkedIn’s API was mainly used for customization and improving the user experience. The website which was originally designed as a registration portal became a key workspace for the event and enabled attendees to become more highly engaged.

Given how much the user experience has been enhanced, the future success of similar events is likely to grow—especially when combined with targeted promotion campaigns on LinkedIn. Visit the post-event Microsoft TechDays 2013 website.

Mathieu Crucq
Senior Project Director, Brainsonic

A little bit about the company:
Brainsonic delivers ROI and engagement-oriented digital solutions to businesses for their social marketing and communication strategies by integrating video, social networks and new screens. Brainsonic is a "Blended Agency" that delivers a combination of editorial, creative and technical skills through service delivery and software platforms.