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Developer Perspective: Buffer

A few weeks ago we were excited to announce the opening of our Company Pages & Analytics APIs to our developer community. With these APIs, we've made it easy for developers to publish content to company pages as well as provide key analytics to their end users. One of our developers that saw immediate impact after integrating with these newly available APIs was Buffer. Over 1,000,000 people use Buffer to easily publish content on multiple platforms, including LinkedIn.

Buffer had previously integrated with LinkedIn to give their users the ability to post content to their network updates stream as well as their groups. One of the most sought after features from their user base was to also support the ability for LinkedIn Company Page admins to post updates. In fact, this was the second most requested feature by Buffer's users! As a result, the team over at Buffer was one of the first to integrate with the new APIs and officially launched company page support in early September 2013.

So far the results have been great for Buffer:

  • Increase in Shares: In just a few weeks, Buffer has averaged 2,500 company updates a day to 1,100 company pages
  • Paid Users Growth: Since the launch, Buffer has seen an increase in new paying users as many of their customers see the company page integration as a highly valuable business feature

Buffer is just one of many applications now taking advantage of what the Company Pages & Analytics APIs have to offer. Check out our documentation to get started integrating today and hop in our developer forums if you have any questions!

-- Kamyar Mohager