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Developer Perspective:

Next up on our developer series is Now you can check out how integrated with LinkedIn in multiple ways and increased their referral traffic significantly. & Content Curation for professionals

Social Media is a fantastic opportunity for professionals to share their expertise and develop their own personal brands. In this spirit, was created to make it much easier and efficient for professionals to become Media Publishers — with acting as content hub that helps people find and publish to their social networks.

Since launched in November 2011, we've been integrated with LinkedIn and have continued that relationship with fantastic results for both our company and our users. Through these LinkedIn integrations, content shared to LinkedIn grew 2.5x over the past 9 months and referral traffic from LinkedIn to our users' pages skyrocketed by an amazing 5x, making it the fastest growing source of referral traffic.

Sharing API

Our first step was to make LinkedIn a potential destination for Scoopiteers to share their curated content. By making it easy for people to connect their LinkedIn accounts to, the LinkedIn API enabled us to build a seamless experience. Our users could publish a piece of content they found relevant and simultaneously share it to LinkedIn by just checking a box in our publishing window:

LinkedIn authentication dialog before migration

Combining this simplified publishing experience with sharing was key to the success of blogging - on top of being hard and time-consuming - is not enough. You have to leverage your social networks to get distribution for your insights and content.

Group Integration

We also experienced a growing demand from our users to publish directly to LinkedIn Groups. Groups on LinkedIn, usually built around a common interest, are a great way to share relevant content with a select audience to create conversations and foster opportunities. We launched our integration with LinkedIn Groups back in September 2012 and found it not only created additional distribution channels for our users, but it also boosted general sharing to LinkedIn. Overall, sharing to LinkedIn grew more than 25% in a month and referral traffic grew 57%.

Sign in with LinkedIn

Following the successful LinkedIn Groups integration, the LinkedIn developer team reached out and recommended we try integrating "Sign in with LinkedIn" to optimize the user experience for LinkedIn and users. While we already supported signing up to with Facebook and Twitter accounts, given the value and natural fit with LinkedIn we went ahead and tested it. On top of making the sign-up process faster, signing in with LinkedIn also allowed us to pre-configure the sharing connection — making it even more seamless for our users looking to develop visibility within their professional network. This also contributed to added traffic and content shared to LinkedIn.

Overall here's a recap of the KPI's we viewed as important for us (and our users) throughout that phase:

LinkedIn authentication dialog before migration

Since then, these numbers have kept on growing and, more importantly, our users have continued giving us great feedback on these various integration points. You can expect us to keep coming up with more ways to optimize content curation for professionals with LinkedIn.

Learn more about the Share API.

LinkedIn authentication dialog before migration

Guillaume Decugis, CEO and co-founder