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Developer Spotlight:

Author’s note: This is the first in a series of blog posts showcasing developers using our APIs and highlighting best practices. is a social media publishing tool that helps you reach interest-based audiences by enabling you to easily curate content on a given topic. With, you can find relevant content faster, edit it easily and publish it in 1-click to engage your followers and acquire new ones via social discovery. Unlike similar tools, is uniquely organized around topics as opposed to the curators themselves.

Utilizing Sign In with LinkedIn, users can create a account by leveraging their LinkedIn identity. This simplifies the sign-up process and eliminates the need to provide additional data, including e-mail validation. In addition, the user’s profile is automatically populated within the site. Users can also log-in to with their LinkedIn account, whether they’ve created it using the LinkedIn APIs as described above or have previously bound their pre-existing and LinkedIn accounts.

With the Share API, the Share to LinkedIn option is prominently displayed in the publishing window, making it easy for users to distribute compelling articles with the world’s largest professional network.

“Our integration with LinkedIn is a natural fit and complement to our business. With most of our active users utilizing for professional reasons, LinkedIn is a great platform to publish to and now they can easily sign in and share content with their professional network in an engaging way. And with LinkedIn’s massive scale, even more professionals will be exposed to’s value proposition.” - Guillaume Decugis, CEO and co-founder