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Migrating to Member Permissions

Earlier this year, we rolled out Member Permissions for all new API keys. With Member Permissions you can streamline your site registration, using Sign In with LinkedIn in conjunction with asking members to opt-in to share their basic profile data and their primary email address.

Starting today, developers of applications created prior to August 7th can choose to opt-in to Member Permissions. This lets you take advantage of the benefits of Member Permissions without needing to get a new API key and causing a lack of continuity with your application.

While updating your API key is as simple as checking a box, we recommend this four step process to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Read up on Member Permissions
  2. Test in staging
  3. Remember the update flow
  4. Go live!

Full details on the process, including links to reference documentation, is available in our Member Permissions Migration Guide.

I know this has been a highly requested feature in our forums, and I'm glad that we can now enable you to take advantage of this functionality.