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Platform Updates: Share API Enhancements

We've seen great adoption of the Share API among applications using the LinkedIn Platform over the last few months. While the API serves as a great way to increase engagement for your users, as a developer it was difficult to determine where the share was located once it was successfully posted. We're happy to announce that now you'll receive a more helpful response when making a successful POST to the API:

Successful Share API Response

  "updateKey": "UNIU-117025317-5705060485632622592-SHARE",
  "updateUrl": ""

The updateKey is a unique identifier of the newly created share. You can use this key to query the XML or JSON representation of the update:

Alternatively, you may choose to redirect your user to the updateUrl. This URL is a direct link to the share on Your application can redirect your user back to to view the share in their browser.

Thanks to everyone in our developer forums for the feedback!

-- Kamyar Mohager