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Sign In with LinkedIn in 19 Languages

With over 200 Million members worldwide, we've had lots of requests to make Sign In With LinkedIn, one of our most popular plugins, more accessible to non-English speaking members. Sign In with LinkedIn is our most convenient way for you to enable a valuable professional audience to register for your site using their LinkedIn identity, along with providing you ways to personalize their experience. This can lead to a surge in your user base.

We’re happy to announce that Sign In With LinkedIn can now be localized in 19 languages. A localized plugin provides a higher quality site experience, as more people can use and understand it. Here’s a list of available languages:

  1. Czech
  2. Danish
  3. Dutch
  4. English
  5. French
  6. German
  7. Indonesian
  8. Italian
  9. Japanese
  10. Korean
  11. Malay
  12. Norwegian
  13. Polish
  14. Portuguese
  15. Romanian
  16. Russian
  17. Spanish
  18. Swedish
  19. Turkish

Converting the plugin to the language of your choice is easy. You supply the framework with the "lang" parameter and the 5-character lang-locale code of the desired language, we provide a localized experience.

<script src="//" type="text/javascript">
        api_key: YOUR_API_KEY_GOES_HERE
        authorize: true
        lang:  es_ES

In the above example, the text on the Sign In plugin will be in Spanish and the plugin looks like:

If the "lang" parameter is not supplied or the desired lang-locale isn’t found/supported, the plugin will default to English.

Full details on how to localize Sign In with LinkedIn are available in our documentation. If you're new to the plugin world, this introduction will help you to get started.

-- Shikha Sehgal