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Vetted API Access

I'd like to announce an adjustment to our developer program aimed at improving the health of our overall developer ecosystem and ensuring the quality of experience for LinkedIn’s members.

Last year we clarified our LinkedIn APIs Terms of Use. Since then we have made regular updates to ensure these terms of use are being enforced in a way that minimizes shut-downs of applications. It’s in everyone’s best interest - ours, yours and our members- to make sure those applications developed using our platform work well, consistently, and within the parameters of our usage policy.

To-date, more than a hundred thousand developers have created useful tools for our members utilizing LinkedIn’s Developer Program. The vast majority of developers use our APIs such as Profile & Sharing within the boundaries laid out in the LinkedIn APIs Terms of Use agreement. However, there are small handful using our APIs at levels that go well beyond the boundaries that are in place. As a result, we wanted to share a new process to access certain LinkedIn APIs that is effective starting today.

Introducing the Vetted API Process

We want to ensure that every application that leverages the LinkedIn API adds value to the overall experience for our members and developers. Effective today, new applications wanting to call our People Search and Jobs APIs and current developers wanting to begin calling them beyond 250 calls/day will be required to fill out a short form describing their application and re-confirming they've read and agreed to our LinkedIn APIs Terms of Use. If you pass our review, we will approve your application to make calls at our previous limit of 100,000/day.

  • New applications: New applications will not be able to call the People Search and Jobs APIs without going through the new vetted API process detailed above.
  • Current low volume applications: We will adjust People Search and Jobs APIs throttles for low volume applications to 250 calls/day. We have found that this more than meets the needs of most current applications. Current low volume applications do not need to go through the vetting process unless you wish to increase the volume of calls from 250 calls/day to 100,000 calls/day.
  • Current high volume applications: We have pre-vetted applications that would be impacted by these changes. We will contact the ones where we are not preserving their higher limits to discuss next steps.

The above changes will only impact applications that use People Search and Jobs APIs. Developers can continue to get immediate access to our Profile, Sharing, and other APIs after joining our Developer Program.

If you have any questions on this then feel free to jump on this forum thread.