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Libraries and Tools

The LinkedIn API can be used with any programming language. This page provides links to examples from other people, libraries for using our API, and other helpful links
If you have something to share (including comments on the libraries and links listed here), please send them along and we'll add them.

LinkedIn Libraries

We have an active community of developers working with the LinkedIn API. Many of them have created LinkedIn libraries to support different languages, and we've provided links to those libraries here. Note that these libraries are not written or supported by LinkedIn, and these links are included here to help you find tools that can help you get started quickly. Questions or issues with the libraries can be directed to the authors or asked in the forums, and as with any open source software, patches are frequently welcomed if you want to extend the existing library.

LinkedIn Tested OAuth libraries

Language Library Documentation Discussion Author
Java Scribe Github example page Pablo Fernandez
Javascript LinkedIn JSAPI Documentation JSAPI Forums LinkedIn
PHP PECL OAuth PECL OAuth documentation Bugs View Maintainers list
Python Fork of python-oauth2 Github example page Kirsten Jones

More OAuth Libraries

AS3 No known library Michael CHAIZE
C# (.Net)

DotNetOpenAuth, OAuth, and MVC

Matthew Shapiro
C# (.Net)

Here is the Simple oAuth C# working example

C# (.Net)

LinkedIn OAuth Using Hammock in C-sharp/

Filip Stas
C# (.Net)

LinkedIn Developer Toolkit

Arian Geertsema


No known library

Accessing LinkedIn using liboauth and C++

Java (Android) linkedin-j Documentation Search the forums for examples and comments.  Very highly recommended by the community. Nabeel Siddiqui
Objective C
iPhone OAuth Sample iPhone Client Lee Whitney and Kirsten Jones

Objective C (iPhone)

LinkedIn-iPhone Update status via iphone app Results Direct
Perl No known library using perl Net::OAuth::Simple
PHP simple-linkedinphp Documentation Google Groups, Twitter Paul Mennega
Play Framework

Play Framework LinkedIn Module

Felipe Oliveira


LinkedIn-Client-Library LinkedIn API Python library Aaron Brenzel
Python python-linkedin Documentation Özgür Vatansever
Ruby ruby-linkedin Introduction Client libraries Wynn Netherland
Clojure OAUTH-CLJ Github Repo Roman Scherer
Language Library Documentation Discussion Author


If none of the LinkedIn libraries meet your needs, you'll still want to start your development with an existing OAuth library. The most current list is always available at  Also note that many other services use OAuth in the same way we do, so if you have created clients for Twitter, MySpace, or any other OAuth service, you can probably leverage that to create a LinkedIn client.

Help with OAuth


  • OAuth Test Page - input your keys and tokens and generate valid signed URLs.  Useful for exploring the API and verifying the signatures your library is generating.
  • Rest Console - from Apigee (video)
  • JS API Console - explore the JavaScript SDK and API suite with live examples


Examples and Tutorials