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Share on LinkedIn

Terms of Use

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Sharing an article from your site with LinkedIn is easy. By presenting your users with a simple parameterized link, your readers will be able to share articles they find interesting to their LinkedIn network.

Typical User Flow

This is typically how a user will experience the Share link on your blog or website:

  1. Your user reads content on your site and wants to share it with their LinkedIn Network
  2. You provide a Share on LinkedIn link
  3. Your user clicks that link
  4. A 520 pixel wide by 570 pixel high window opens up showing sharing options
  5. If you’ve provided all the details (URL, title, summary, and source) your user will choose whether to share the article with a network or to particular connections
  6. If you omit some details, your user will be prompted for those details before continuing to select their distribution target. It’s always best to fully include each parameter so your user can go straight to sharing and not be slowed down by entering in data

The Share URL

All parameter values must be URL encoded.{articleUrl}&title={articleTitle}&summary={articleSummary}&source={articleSource}
Parameter Required Recommended Character Limit Description
mini Yes Yes 4 Must always be true
url No Yes 1024 The permanent link to the article. Must be URL encoded
title No Yes 200 The title of the article. Must be URL encoded
source No Yes 200 The source of the article. Must be URL encoded. Example: Wired Magazine
summary No Yes 256 A brief summary of the article. Must be URL encoded. Longer titles will be truncated gracefully with ellipses.

Example Parameterized URL: