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Link to open LInkedin Profile from browser to iOS Linkedin app

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David Connor's picture
Joined: 2012-02-09
Feb 9, 2012
Link to open LInkedin Profile from browser to iOS Linkedin app

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but hopefully someone will have the answer :)

I am trying to use a simple URL link so that when someone clicks the linkedin link on my iOS specific webpage it will open my profile directly within the Linkedin app on the iPhone.

So for example if I wanted someone to view my twitter profile within the iOS twitter app I would use the following link in the webpage - twitter://exampleprofilename

This will open the open the twitter app and load my profile with one click. But it does not work like that with Linkedin.

Anyone got any ideas or even know if there is a way to do it ?

Thank you!

Jeremy Johnstone's picture
Joined: 2011-04-17
Feb 10, 2012

Hi David,

While this would be an awesome feature, unfortunately our mobile apps do not support that at this time. It's definitely something we have communicated as a request from developers to the mobile product team, but unfortunately I don't have any ETAs to share on if / when this will be supported.


Clayton Corey's picture
Joined: 2011-11-09
Jun 12, 2012

Has this feature been enabled yet?

Don Carlson's picture
Joined: 2012-07-02
Jul 2, 2012

Is it really true that there is no way to have a link in email old the LinkedIn app directly? I often get updates and notes on linked in that i want to click onto to see someone's profile or message. But then I am always sent to the website rather than the app on my iPhone. As a result I routinely give up. What good is the app if it can't serve this basic function. I hate using LinkedIn as a website on my iPhone via the browser. It is clunky and annoying. Please reply to my email directly.

Joined: 2012-07-31
Jul 31, 2012

I would also like to see this. I am the developer of an iPhone email client (eMailGanizer) and I would love to be able to offer users the ability to open links in the linkedin app. (This type of thing really should be done in the email client, since the server cannot know what device you'll be reading a particular email on.)

Anyway, I hope you implement a robust customer url scheme soon.

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Joined: 2012-08-17
Aug 17, 2012

I have found that linkedin:// will launch the app, but I have not been able to get it to accept any other commands after that point. My goal is to create a QR Code that will allow someone to load my profile page from within the app.

Corey Baudinette's picture
Joined: 2012-07-18
Aug 24, 2012

I'm working on the same thing Timothy. We have a QR landing site, retina enabled, with links to our Twitter, Instagram, Showreel etc etc, each of those open directly into their respective apps, but I can't get LinkedIn to do the same... Have you had any luck at all?

Thierry Lavallée's picture
Joined: 2012-07-10
Sep 11, 2012

Weirdly enough, the linkedIn app does not support it yet. The day you'll have links to the app in your OFFICIAL LinkedIn notification email is the day it will work! ;)

LinkedIn is clearly late on that one.
Count me in on that feature request...

Ryan Berndt, DMC-E, CTS's picture
Joined: 2012-09-30
Sep 30, 2012

I don't use the App because of this. Fix this you communists!

Stephen Soong's picture
Joined: 2012-10-07
Oct 7, 2012

LinkedIn, please bump this feature up on the priority list for development. I typically read LinkedIn e-mail subscriptions from my iPhone and when I click a link I expect the LinkedIn iPhone app to open, not the web browser. Furthermore, it's mildly offensive to be asked to download the iPhone app when I already have done so. Every time it opens I ask myself why I bothered to download it. Don't let your investment of hours and expense in developing your iPhone app go to waste.

Chris Wren's picture
Joined: 2012-09-02
Oct 15, 2012

Please add this, it would drive more traffic to your mobile app.

Ned Harvey's picture
Joined: 2012-10-26
Oct 26, 2012

EXACTLY the app is a joke without this feature!

David Vega's picture
Joined: 2012-12-06
Dec 6, 2012

LinkedIn, you have a banana peel on the path between email and the app. Clean it up!

Kamyar Mohager's picture
LinkedIn Employee
Joined: 2012-04-04
Dec 11, 2012

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. I'll bring this up with mobile product to see what we can do.


Matthew Stephens's picture
Joined: 2012-07-09
Dec 15, 2012

Great, would love to see this feature, it's really needed!

Vandan Kaushik's picture
Joined: 2012-12-17
Dec 17, 2012

Would love to see this feature. Please add !!!
Do you have an ETA on this?

Samuele Pellizzari's picture
Joined: 2013-02-09
Feb 9, 2013

After the February update the app is still missing the feature of opening links right from email. What!s the point in downloading the app if I need to use my mobile browser? And what is funny is that the browser invites me to download the app... Please LinkedIn fix this soon enough.

Christian Simonsen's picture
Joined: 2013-02-12
Feb 12, 2013

I have the same problem - extremely frustrating - should be an easy fix for LinkedIn to implement

Todd Wight's picture
Joined: 2013-02-20
Feb 20, 2013

I would also love this same feature. It seems like this is what apps are made for. As a user who is making an effort to use LinkedIn more often, like I should, it is pretty frustrating to be forced to use the clunky browser version and get a request to download the app, as if for some reason I had decided to open the browser intentionally. The lack of this feature really leaves the app in a primitive state.

Victor Williams's picture
Joined: 2013-02-21
Feb 21, 2013

This frustrates our CEO to no end. Unfortunately, there's nothing anyone can do about it. Not sure why this isn't a part of the app. Such a basic part of everyday use that when it's not there you really see the value.

Karl Valentine's picture
Joined: 2011-09-28
Feb 22, 2013

Totally agree. This has been annoying me for months....and has meant I have given up rather than use the app. Should I tick the radio button at the bottom of this comment will just be an email that sends me to my mobile browser again....

Luke Toy's picture
Joined: 2013-03-01
Mar 1, 2013

It would be great to fix this. I routinely give up on clicking the many interesting links I get via email as I end up in safari, which either requires a log in or just looks sub par compared to the app.

David Beeston's picture
Joined: 2013-03-07
Mar 7, 2013

A year later and still no solution. Obviously the mobile development team don't realise just how painful it is to use linkedin when mobile. This really does need a bump up the priority list.

Christophe De Langhe's picture
Joined: 2011-08-25
Mar 9, 2013

This is really stupid. We can provide all these nice integrations with apps like twitter, facebook, maps, .... but not with linkedin ???

Joe Kennedy's picture
Joined: 2013-03-13
Mar 13, 2013

The bottom line for me is that I ignore all update emails from LinkedIn because it doesn't open in the Android app. LinkedIn, if you want people to start reading (and enjoying) your emails, PLEASE incorporate in your app asap.

Mike Ovadia's picture
Joined: 2013-03-21
Mar 21, 2013

I agree this is ridiculous. Clicking on someone's profile link opens up in Safari!! How is that a mobile experience?

Sasmito Adibowo's picture
Joined: 2013-03-24
Mar 24, 2013

I believe the URL is linkedin://#profile/9999 where the "9999" is the relevant profile ID. I found this from the LinkedIn URLs that appear in my contacts when I turned on the Contacts Sync feature.

In addition, I've also made this to work on the mac. Read the details and download a free app to do this here:

Jesse Mauser's picture
Joined: 2013-03-26
Mar 26, 2013

It's 2013. Still waiting.

Christophe De Langhe's picture
Joined: 2011-08-25
Mar 27, 2013

Nice post Sasmito ! Thanks ! Do you have any idea what might be the moniker (cfr. #profile) for companies ? linkedin://#company/99999 does not work

Anand Navalgund's picture
Joined: 2013-04-03
Apr 3, 2013

I still get suckered into clicking on the Linkedin link from the emails thinking ah maybe it is working now - but alas it is not.
It is the most basic functionality which should have been incorporated from the get go. The fact that it has been a year since it was brought to the developing team's notice and still not a feature confounds the imagination.

Lee Nielsen's picture
Joined: 2013-04-13
Apr 13, 2013

Perhaps have it as an option when subscribing to daily email digest,I.e. if I was to tick an option on main website like other sites do for newsletter delivery method: html or text? You need to add a new option that says "mobile app" then it just delivers a html email with links targeted to opening the internal mobile app as opposed to the website, give us the option.. global setting or per topic.

Paul Watson's picture
Joined: 2013-04-30
Apr 30, 2013

Jesse Mauser - you hit the nail on the head - it's over a year now and we're still waiting!

John Babbitt's picture
Joined: 2013-05-29
May 29, 2013

I don't read LinkedIn just because these e-mail notifications will not open up my LinkedIn Android app. If you want to keep me, then make it work right!

Brian Klais's picture
Joined: 2012-03-30
Jun 18, 2013

It's definitely frustrating LinkedIn doesn't make this a mobile experience priority. The way to do this on your own has been to link into the app using the URL scheme:


(No #hashtag necessary)

We found this method worked for connecting mobile folks into user profiles within the app. Sadly, there has never been support for linking to company profiles in this manner. The bad news is that with LinkedIn's recent app upgrade, support for this deep URL scheme was changed / removed so now there is even less support than before.

I've begun a thread that shows how other social media apps enable this kind of app linking and wish LinkedIn would adopt:

Peter Lindemann's picture
Joined: 2013-04-09
Jun 20, 2013

Searching for the same function. We are making nametags to wear on your clothes, and it would be a cool feature to add qr-codes that you can scan when you network, and then connect instantly.

Joined: 2013-06-21
Jun 21, 2013

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Joined: 2013-06-21
Jun 21, 2013

My links and ressource open for my nokia c3-00 in djibouti

Joined: 2013-06-21
Jun 21, 2013

My links and ressource open for my nokia c3-00 in djibouti

Joined: 2013-06-21
Jun 21, 2013

My links and ressource open for my nokia c3-00 in djibouti

Joined: 2013-06-21
Jun 21, 2013

My links and ressource open for my nokia c3-00 in djibouti

Joined: 2013-06-21
Jun 21, 2013

My links and ressource open for my nokia c3-00 in djibouti

Peter Griffith's picture
Joined: 2013-06-24
Jun 24, 2013

This doesn't work for Android either. Currently using Linked in app version 3.0.2 and Android 4.2.2

Ben Sacherich's picture
Joined: 2013-07-03
Jul 3, 2013

Hello? Is anyone at LinkedIn following this thread? Can you provide an update on this issue? We would really like to get engaged in LinkedIn and provide content that will drive more users to your site. That's what you want, isn't it? Please connect with us and let us know the status of how you intend to address this problem on each of the mobile platforms that you support.

- -
Joined: 2013-07-10
Jul 10, 2013

I really need this to work!

David Grandinetti's picture
Joined: 2013-03-11
Jul 28, 2013

Brian, I just tried this on my phone and it worked. Perhaps they reinstated the old code to handle the URL scheme?

Brian Klais's picture
Joined: 2012-03-30
Jul 31, 2013

David, I think you're right. LinkedIn's deep link app support appears to be functioning again.

To access profiles inside LinkedIn's iOS and Android app, use the app URL scheme:


This scheme functions when the {id} value is set to an individual's system id. This ID value is often 7 digits long and found in that person's profile URL (as in ""). It will however trigger an error if the {id} value gets populated with a vanity URL (eg mine is /brianklais).

One limitation that appears to still exist is that the URL scheme does not support targeting/accessing company profiles... someday maybe.

A note of caution to those considering connecting this with QR codes. Remember there is no built-in "fallback" system should the mobile user NOT have the LinkedIn app installed. So be careful you don't end up enhancing the experience for the few, while worsening it for the many. There are ways of solving this however.

Matthew Wilkinson's picture
Joined: 2013-08-02
Aug 2, 2013

This is great thank you! I was able to convert this in a QR code!

Itana Miljanic's picture
Joined: 2013-12-01
Dec 1, 2013

Still not working!!!!!! Really developers team?????

Ian Kershaw's picture
Joined: 2011-09-01
Dec 20, 2013

Works on iPhone but not on iPad? Anyone else seeing this?

jason parrington's picture
Joined: 2013-12-26
Dec 26, 2013

hi, I am using a 4s and ios 7 and doesn't work for me, can you confirm any changes that you made to enable this to work. thanks

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Joined: 2013-06-04
Jan 2, 2014

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