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Where to SET the API domain?

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Joined: 2012-08-20
Aug 20, 2012
Where to SET the API domain?


Where do I set up the API domain in the LinkedIn panels? I've been trying to find out exactly *where* this is set in LinkedIn as the new app I just created is throwing a JS error:

"You must specify a valid JavaScript API Domain as part of this key's configuration."

Looking at this page, I follow the "Setting your API Domain" link:

But then I get a 404, page not found... any info on this?


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Joined: 2011-08-11
Feb 22, 2013

You have to add the domain in the API key configuration page for your app. I assume you already created an API key for your app. If not, see the documentation on how to do this. See
To set the domain go to
Hope this helps.

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Joined: 2013-04-08
Apr 11, 2013

I too found this very confusing... adding your "website name" isn't the domain API that the function is looking for. When you create the API, the last box before you accept the "terms and conditions" is the box where you can add in the domain name e.g.

It would be great if there was an "*" on this field.

I did this and it fixed in instantly. You can also put in localhost in here too. like: http://localhost/

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Joined: 2013-02-20
Apr 26, 2013

Thanks Simon, your advice did the trick.

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Joined: 2013-04-19
Aug 22, 2013

Hey, Simon, it worked for me too. That one asterisk made all the difference. Thanks!

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Joined: 2013-10-29
Jan 12, 2014

Simon Thompson, you are a genius and saved me a day of work. Thanks for posting this fix. I was also confused and thinking my Javascript domain should be set in the "Website URL" field. I went to the bottom of the page as you suggested and things work great.

Joined: 2014-02-17
Feb 18, 2014

thanks Simon... Put it like this http://localhost/*

Joined: 2014-05-07
May 22, 2014

I have url with port number with localhost then what should I write.

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Joined: 2013-06-19
May 22, 2014

Hi Vijay,

You just write http://localhost:[port]

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Joined: 2012-11-27
Jun 9, 2014

Thanks Simon, you just saved me a lot of time.

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Joined: 2014-08-12
Sep 2, 2014

Thank you soO much Simon Thompson,
Those who still confused Go to the Bottom of your api config.. Look at
JavaScript API Domains:
place your url or domain. In my case i'm accessing it from local host so it is....http://localhost