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With just a few lines, you can have a "Sign in with LinkedIn" button in 10 minutes. We handle authentication for you using OAuth 2.0, so making API calls are simple and easy. Get full access our REST APIs to read member profiles, send shares, and search for people.

Get started today! We'll be on hand in the forum to help out and get your feedback.

  1. Getting Started
    Start with an empty HTML file and, in 5 easy steps, add a "Sign in with LinkedIn" button.
  2. Tutorials and Sample Code
    For those who prefer to understand how things behave by having working examples explained to you.
  3. API Reference
    Full details on our JavaScript API classes and methods (including info on authorization, tokens, and events).
  4. Console
    Explore the API with an interactive console that lets you make requests and see results directly in your browser.