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The LinkedIn platform provides you the ability to grow your user base and drive engagement in your application. We encourage our developers to support LinkedIn identity to deliver seamless and rewarding experiences for our members.

We strongly encourage:

  • Registration and Sign-in: Allow users to register and sign-in to your application or website with their LinkedIn identity
  • Public Identity: Enable users to authenticate with your site and identify their LinkedIn identity to light up LinkedIn profile plugins on your site
  • Activity Sharing: Allow members to connect their LinkedIn account to your application, in order to easily publish their activities to LinkedIn via our sharing API
  • Professional context: Allow members to leverage their LinkedIn rolodex within professional productivity, communications, and collaboration applications

Get started in just a few easy steps

  1. Get an API key to give your app access to the LinkedIn platform.

  2. Start reading our Authentication guide to quickly get your app connected with LinkedIn, including code samples and step-by-step guides on making your first API call

  3. Learn more about our APIs to see what you can do with the LinkedIn Platform

  4. Get involved in the LinkedIn Developer Network community to ask and answer questions!