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REST Console

Make LinkedIn REST requests using a web interface. Explore our API without needing to write an application of your own. See what resources and fields we expose. Debug requests that aren't working properly for you.

Quick Start

  1. Click the Padlock icon to authenticate yourself.
  2. Click on the left sidebar to select a REST URL. You may need to edit it to fill in a value, such as a member id or public profile URL. (Or enter a URL of your own in the Query URL box.)
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to GET to select a HTTP Method other than GET.
  4. Click on the HTTP Verb (such as GET) to make the REST request.
  5. Look at the Response. Click on the Request tab to see the HTTP request.


  • This application has different Member ids than yours. Otherwise, results should be the same.
  • Set HTTP headers and other parameters by clicking the Gear icon. This lets you make JSON requests.