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Behance is a leading online platform for creative professionals to showcase and discover creative work.


Provide new ways for creatives to display and promote their work to peers and prospective employers


Creatives on Behance can increase the visibility of their content by simultaneously updating LinkedIn each time they create new content on Behance using Sign in with LinkedIn. The new content automatically appears on the creative’s LinkedIn profile and is shared with members of their professional network.

Creatives on Behance also have LinkedIn Share buttons on their Behance projects that allow viewers to effortlessly share interesting content with their professional network. Once the content is shared on LinkedIn, it appears in the network update stream of their connections and can also be leveraged in areas like LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Today, and in various email updates. The content will be viewed by relevant and interested professionals on LinkedIn, who can click through to Behance to see more content or create a Behance portfolio themselves.

Find out how LinkedIn can enhance membership and engagement on your site.