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Linkedin Feed?

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Joined: 2010-01-21
Jan 25, 2010
Linkedin Feed?

Hello All,I'm a newbie so I appologize if this is a silly question but basically I'm hoping to add a Linkedin feed to my website (which I'm setting up to use all feed based content).Ideally it would be a feed with just my experience but if it had to include other things I'd be open to it.How would I go about this?Thanks in advance!!

Anonymous (not verified)
Jan 25, 2010

You may find the profile widget the easiest way to do this: Profile Widget

Anonymous (not verified)
Jan 25, 2010

Hi Nick,There's nothing quite appropriate for this use in the API yet. You are likely wanting to show your own activity on LinkedIn in such a feed, basically the equivalent of what you see on the "My Network Updates" page on LinkedIn: we don't have a timeline on when we'll be supplying an API for your personal feed of updates or an RSS feed equivalent, it's certainly something we're thinking about and see usefulness in.Thanks,Taylor

Manoj Gupta's picture
Joined: 2010-07-27
Jul 27, 2010

Hello Taylor,Was something developed or released to capture users personal feed of updates or an RSS feed equivalent, if it was could you please direct me to the source.Thanks,Manoj

Anonymous (not verified)
Jul 27, 2010

We have not finished this yet but it will be coming in the next few months.

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Joined: 2011-02-02
Feb 2, 2011

ANY ETA on the API?

Joined: 2011-02-02
Feb 2, 2011

I think it'd behoove LI to come up with a personal feed. With Facebook having come out with OpenGraph and about to embark on Comments dominance, it's time for LI to harness its network energy; this would be a good start in getting LI out into the world and staking its territory.

Joined: 2011-07-28
Aug 11, 2011

Is the LinkedIn Feed RSS or API ready to use yet?

Kirsten Hunter's picture
Joined: 2011-06-30
Aug 11, 2011

See the Social Stream section of the API Overview for information about how to include your activity stream elsewhere.

Agnes Lesage - Possolo's picture
Joined: 2012-11-21
Nov 21, 2012

I am also trying to get a RSS feed for my activity and can't figure out, nor in this API section. Any update/help?

Dr. Memo Diriker's picture
Joined: 2012-11-27
Nov 27, 2012

Is there a way to embed feed from a group onto a website? I have used Google Groups for this in the past but I was wondering if LInkedin has added this feature yet. It would be best to keep the group on Linkedin but if there is no way to feed to a webpage to archive group activity then we will stick with Google for now

Natasia Musumeci's picture
Joined: 2012-04-02
Feb 7, 2013

Have there been any updates regarding a personal feed of updates or an RSS feed equivalent? Thank you.

Corey DeNeire's picture
Joined: 2012-12-05
Feb 27, 2013

I too would like to know if this has been composed - I am currently skimming the web and will post my findings...

Natalie Lamphere's picture
Joined: 2013-02-28
Feb 28, 2013

How does one save the search criteria entered in an advanced search? Mine keeps disappearing.

Shikha A. Sehgal's picture
LinkedIn Employee
Joined: 2012-07-27
Mar 1, 2013

You can use our social stream API to get a feed of your network updates.

Shikha A. Sehgal's picture
LinkedIn Employee
Joined: 2012-07-27
Mar 1, 2013


Please contact LinkedIn Help Center for website related questions like this. This forum is for LinkedIn APIs only.

Bhabani Shankar Panda's picture
Joined: 2013-02-19
Mar 13, 2013

Hi Shikah, I am trying to add my company feed to my website.
I tried ''{id}/updates'' but it shows error. Thanks in advance for any help.

Shikha A. Sehgal's picture
LinkedIn Employee
Joined: 2012-07-27
Mar 13, 2013

hey Bhabani:

Can you give more details about what API calls are you trying to make and what error are you getting. For more details on how to use the company API please see this doc.

Joined: 2012-02-08
May 28, 2013

So I have a question. I would like to do as bhaban stated above, which is to say I am the company admin of a site and I want our website to display the same updates that are shown on our LinkedIN homepage. I want this to happen automatically and be invisible to the public website user i.e. without having anyone have to login in. Is this possible with JS or does it have to be done with the REST api? I have read the JS API and it seems that you can only make JS calls to the API by first having someone authenticate with linkedIN in each browser instance. Clearly I don't want to subject users to that I just want to show our updates on linked in. It is odd because this is a read only view of something that is already public on your site.

Adam Butt's picture
Joined: 2011-11-20
Jun 11, 2013


I need to know if a WordPress plugin or API has been built to allow the following function:

We want to have an Activity feed which appears on a company website, this feed will come directly from a specific LinkedIn persons profile. So basically every time we update our LinkedIn activity within our profile, this activity will the appear on the website feed.



Kamyar Mohager's picture
LinkedIn Employee
Joined: 2012-04-04
Jun 12, 2013

Hi Adam,

Currently this isn't a supported use case. We don't have a plugin that displays a feed of someone's network updates stream. And with our REST/JS APIs, you need to be authenticated as a user in order to view your network updates feed. So that use case wouldn't be supported unless you had a user authenticate on your site first before displaying their feed publicly.


Jeremy Miller's picture
Joined: 2013-04-22
Jun 27, 2013

Hi Kamyar.

I'm confused, we're a higher ed institution and want to show prospective students activity happening on our LinkedIn profiles to entice them to participate. The plan is to show this in the website experience in a widget in the right rail. Facebook and Twitter provide this functionality so companies/higher eds like us can accomplish what we're looking to do, why wouldn't LinkedIn offer it as well?


Linda Lassova's picture
Joined: 2013-07-31
Jul 31, 2013

Hi Kamyar,

I would like to show my personal Linkedin profile feeds on my website. Please could you give me a link to directions on how to set this up.

Thank you