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  • What is the benefit of Apply with LinkedIn for Companies?

    Apply with LinkedIn helps companies attract passive candidates right from their career site. No more long application forms to prevent the more passive--and even active--candidates from applying.
  • How do I learn more about Apply with LinkedIn?

    Checkout our blog post or watch our video.
  • Is there a fee for Apply with LinkedIn?

    No, it is a free plugin.
  • Does Apply with LinkedIn integrate with my Applicant tracking system?

    There are two basic ways that a company can receive a job applicant's information. The company can receive it via email. This is perfect for the millions of smaller businesses that don't use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Or the job application information can be automatically sent to the company's ATS. To set up integration, the ATS vendor must support Apply with LinkedIn.
  • How do I get started if I am not using an ATS?

    The process is straightforward to add the Apply with LinkedIn plugin to your company's website. Detailed instructions and support are available on LinkedIn's developer site
  • I want to get the code or learn more about the technical details of the implementation?

    View the getting started guide to learn more.
  • What is the experience like for the job applicant?

    It is very straightforward. There is a link for the candidate to edit his/her profile before submitting the application. The Apply with LinkedIn process also shows a candidate who in his network works at the company, so he can ask for a referral.
  • I have other questions, what should I do?

    Email us at
Here’s how Apply with LinkedIn works...

Step 1

Add the button to your site

A company adds Apply with LinkedIn to its career site.

Step 2

Attract Applicants

Tim is interested in the position at XYZ Inc and he applies for the job.

Step 3

Hire the Best

Tim's application has been submitted. Now he can see who in his network can provide a referral to help him get the job.