Introducing Company Page Posting and Analytics to the LinkedIn Platform

Today we're happy to announce that we've extended our Companies API offering to including posting updates to a company page as well as retrieve key analytics for company pages that you administer. These features have been one of the most sought after by our developers since we first launched our Companies API, so we're looking forward to seeing how these capabilities will be leveraged.


Providing the ability to publish quality updates to a company page that your user administers can greatly increase the engagement level of your application and take advantage of LinkedIn's reach to company followers. We've also provided support for targeted updates through the API, giving your company updates optimal reach to the demographics of your choosing. To facilitate this even further, we've provided a special test company that allows any developer to post an update to it. This alleviates the need to create a company page simply for testing purposes. Details and code samples are available on our Creating Company Shares and Targeting Your Company Shares pages.


For your users who administer a LinkedIn Company Page, we've also added support for fetching company analytics through our Company Statistics API. Now you can retrieve valuable insights on the followers of your company page, as well as the engagement statistics of your company shares. This gives your users visibility on how their company page is performing and how engaged their followers are with the content that's being posted.

Going Forward

LinkedIn will continue to work with strategic partners in our Social Media Management partner program and continue to seek out potential partners who are successful in helping companies leverage the LinkedIn Platform.

With these APIs open to all our developers, we're excited to see how applications will take advantage of these new capabilities and contribue to the LinkedIn content ecosystem!

-- Kamyar Mohager