Mobile SDK for iOS

July 6, 2015

On Feb 12th 2015, we released the Mobile SDK for Android that allows developers to leverage LinkedIn platform in their mobile applications.

Our developer community embraced the new tool and in the past 4 months we have been thrilled to see the increasing adoption of this SDK.

Today we are very excited to release our Mobile SDK for iOS. This SDK comes with the same feature set as the Android version:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication, in conjunction with the LinkedIn mobile app.
  • A convenient way to make authenticated calls to LinkedIn's REST APIs.
  • "Deep linking" to a member’s profile in the LinkedIn mobile app.
Additionally, we are releasing a new version of the Mobile SDK for Android, v1.1.0, with one key feature. To support our non-English speaking members, we have localized authorization screen. Members who use SSO with LinkedIn in the 3rd party application see the authorization screen on the LinkedIn mobile app. This screen is now localized to match the language setting on the member’s mobile device.
  • localized authentication screen

Localization is now available in both the Android and iOS versions of the mobile SDK.

Thanks for your interest in our mobile SDKs. We will continue to improve them to help our developer community create great products around the use cases we support.