Updates to our LinkedIn Developer Terms of Service

You have shared a range of feedback describing how we could better serve your business and technical needs as developers on our Platform.

To better meet our mutual needs, our rewritten API TOS:

  • Introduces a Partner Program, designed to give specific categories of applications access to our Platform. Approved partners in these programs often get enhanced use of our APIs and premium support. Learn more about all of our Partner Programs, including the application process.
  • Grants the ability to cache data for performance, and enable you to create more responsive applications.
  • Permits the creation of test accounts, to make it easier for you to test interactions between members.
  • Reorganizes and rewords the overall document to increase clarity.
  • Includes a number of other changes.

We have also updated our Plugin TOS.

These terms are effective immediately. Please read them and, if necessary, update your application accordingly.