Basic Profile Fields

Member Field Descriptions

To access any of the following basic profile fields, your app must request the r_basicprofile member permission: 

Field Name
id A unique identifying value for the member.

This value is linked to your specific application.  Any attempts to use it with a different application will result in a "404 - Invalid member id" error.
first-name The member's first name.
last-name The member's last name.
maiden-name The member's maiden name.
formatted-name The member's name, formatted based on language.
phonetic-first-name The member's first name, spelled phonetically.
phonetic-last-name The member's last name, spelled phonetically.
formatted-phonetic-name The member's name, spelled phonetically and formatted based on language.
headline The member's headline.
location An object representing the user's physical location.

See Location Fields for a description of the fields available within this object.
industry The industry the member belongs to.

See Industry Codes for a list of possible values.
current-share The most recent item the member has shared on LinkedIn.  If the member has not shared anything, their 'status' is returned instead.
num-connections The number of LinkedIn connections the member has, capped at 500.  See 'num-connections-capped' to determine if the value returned has been capped.
num-connections-capped Returns 'true' if the member's 'num-connections' value has been capped at 500', or 'false' if 'num-connections' represents the user's true value.
summary A long-form text area describing the member's professional profile.
A short-form text area describing the member's specialties.
positions An object representing the member's current position.

See Position Fields for a description of the fields available within this object.
picture-url A URL to the member's formatted profile picture, if one has been provided.
picture-urls::(original) A URL to the member's original unformatted profile picture.  This image is usually larger than the picture-url value above.
site-standard-profile-request The URL to the member's authenticated profile on LinkedIn.  You must be logged into LinkedIn to view this URL.
api-standard-profile-request A URL representing the resource you would request for programmatic access to the member's profile.
public-profile-url The URL to the member's public profile on LinkedIn.

Email Fields

The following member fields require the r_emailaddress member permission:

Field Name Description
The LinkedIn member's primary email address.  Secondary email addresses associated with the member are not available via the API.