Recommended Jobs

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

The Recommended Jobs API returns jobs posted on LinkedIn that match the user’s profile. It exposes the same data as the section Jobs you may be interested in on Linkedin, and brings the benefits of LinkedIn’s job recommendation into your service.

Retrieve Access Token

The user's authorization is required to display recommended jobs on the member's behalf. Please refer to Authenticating with OAuth 2.0 to retrieve an access token.


This API requires one permission, granted to your application by LinkedIn:

Permission Description
r_JYMBII Required to retrieve recommended jobs.

Throttle Limits

Please reference the limits applied to this API.

Retrieve Recommended Jobs

To retrieve recommended jobs for the current authenticated user, a sample call is as follow:

sample response
            "jobDescriptionSnippet":"This is a sample job description snippet.",
            "locationDescription":"San Francisco Bay Area",
            "title":"Software Engineer"


Job Field Schema

Field Name



Represents a unique LinkedIn job.


Short description of the job.


The name of the company hiring the position.


The geographic location where the job is located.


Long description of the job.

LinkedIn Job URL

The id from each job entity can be used to represent the LinkedIn job URL in the following format:{id}.