Apply with LinkedIn


NOTE to ATS partner: ​LinkedIn customers will receive a similar version of this FAQ, this is meant for your development purposes only.

Product FAQ:

1. What's the difference between the new AWLI and the legacy AWLI offering?

The new AWLI with Apply Starters is an evolution to the original plug-in that makes it easier than ever for candidates to apply and for our customers to access those candidates on their ATS and Recruiter. The new plug-in improves on the previous integration in two significant ways:

  • Surfacing anybody who clicks the AWLI button as an Apply Starter in LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Removing a step in the process that asked people to login to LinkedIn (via a cookie, this can now be done automatically). This new plug-in should give customers at least 2x as many candidates for their jobs.

From a technical and development standpoint, with the legacy offering of AWLI, developers were previously making API calls to LinkedIn Profile API. With the new AWLI, developers are developing a Javascript plugin that handles API calls. This standard plugin is consistent across all partners.

2. What are the benefits of the new AWLI?

  • Increase applicant conversion rates from the customer website.​ 74% of candidates who apply, quit a job application because "the process is too long." ​(Smashfly Platform Data, 2015)​ Apply with LinkedIn streamlines the application process by allowing candidates to use profile data to autofill their information.
  • Leverage Apply Starters to improve inMail response rates.​ Anyone who begins the application process using Apply with LinkedIn will be surfaced as "Apply Starters" in Recruiter and a weekly digest. Apply Starters are 4x more likely to respond to an inMail than the average member.

3. What's happening to the existing, legacy AWLI?

The legacy offering of AWLI will be unavailable by the end of 2018. We'll issue regular communication to LinkedIn customers and LinkedIn’s reps between now and then, providing information on how to enable the new AWLI integration.

4. How long does the cookie last in the browser?

One (1) year unless the member actively signs out of LinkedIn or clears their cookies

5. Why is the new AWLI only available for LinkedIn Recruiter and Job Slot customers?

The true value of Apply with LinkedIn is the addition of ​Apply Starters, ​which can only be seen in Recruiter or Jobs dashboard, thus we believe this enhancement will benefit these customers the most.

If your customer is interested in enabling the new Apply with LinkedIn, they can contact their ​sales rep​ to purchase a Recruiter License or Job Slots

6. What browsers are supported for the new AWLI widget?

Per LinkedIn's policy on web browsers, we support the current and previous (n-1) major releases of internet browsers.

7. How does the AWLI widget comply with accessibility requirements?

The Apply with LinkedIn widget complies with accessibility requirements: 1) the wording of the widget is readable by screen-readers, 2) the widget can be "tabbed through", and 3) the widget has compliant color / contrast levels.

8. How is different language handled by the widget?

For cookied users, the widget will display in the language set for their LinkedIn profile. For non-cookied users, the language will be inferred based on the language set in their browser, and which is supported by LinkedIn. See more about supported languages

Technical FAQ:

1. The Customer Configuration and/or the AWLI widget has an error in the console that says ""?

This means that the domain on which the widget has been hosted is not included in the ValidJSSdkDomains field. Please make sure that the domain is whitelisted.

2. The Customer Configuration and/or the AWLI widget has an error in the console that says "error.ats.integration.not.valid"?

If you are an ATS:
This error points to an error in the integration context. Either the integration context is missing/incorrect or you have not made call to update ATS integrations after you have received the integration context. Please refer to Step 3 in the customer configuration documentation.

If you are not an ATS: Please ask for assitance from your LinkedIn point of contact.

3. Why do I receive a 400 bad request error response on the conversion tracking page?

The conversion tracking event is only successful if the job code you added to the widget was associated with a paid job on LinkedIn. If the job is not associated with a paid job its ok to receive a "400 bad request" response.

4. Why do I receive a 403 Forbidden error response on the Update/Verify Customer Integrations call? [ATS Partners only]

This is most likely because you are attempting to make this call using the Parent Application which does not have access to this endpoint. Make sure to use the specific Child Application's credentials (Key/Secret to generate OAuth token) to update and verify the integrations.