Reading Company Shares

Reading Company Updates

Returns a feed of event items. Each item contains a core set of information, such as when it occured, what type of event took place, and whether you can comment and like the item.

However, the format of the event's information can vary widely from type to type. Each event type needs to be parsed differently.

We may periodically add new event types to this feed, or deprecate old ones. If you have updates of other types (such as jobs posting, product-updates etc.) then it can fetch up to 500 updates or updates in the last year whichever comes first. In addition, it only returns up to the 3 latest "update-comments" due to technical limitation. For more comments, please query each event individually.


To retrieve the company's updates:


Filter company updates by event type


By default, a company update will only return you the most recent 10 updates



Parameter Required Possible Values
event-type N Any valid Company Update Type from the list below.
count N Maximum # of updates to return
start N The offset by which to start Network Update pagination

Company Update Types

Job Posting

Update Type Description Source
job-posting New job postings on LinkedIn by the specified company. Job is posted via the site or the Jobs Posting API on behalf of the specified company.
                 <title>Sales Account Manager</title>
             <description>Overview: The Sales Account Manager has two core functions; to work alongside and support an...</description>
             <location-­description>London, United Kingdom</location­‐description>

New Product

Update Type Description Source
new-product A product is added to the company products page. A company admin creates a new product for the company.
    <update-comments total="0" />

Status Update

Update Type Description Source
status-update An update on the company's status or content shared by the company. An admin posts a new status update for the company via the API or website.
            <comment>Check out today's Fortune Magazine piece, &quot;Data scientist: The hot new gig in tech,&quot; where LinkedIn's senior VP of products and user experience, Deep Nishar, is quoted.</comment>
               <title>Data scientist: The hot new gig in tech</title>
               <description>Companies that want to make sense of all their bits and bytes are hiring so‐called data scientists -­‐ if they can find any.
FORTUNE -­‐ The unemployment rate in the U.S. continues to be abysmal (9.1% in July), but the tech world...</description>

Getting Comments and Likes on a Specific Company Update

To fetch comments on a particular company update:

GET{id}/updates/key={COMPANY UPDATE KEY}/update-comments?event-type={type of company update}

Where {COMPANY UPDATE KEY} is a update/update-key representing a particular company update. By default, a company update will only return all comments, limiting at a max of 100.

Use a similar syntax to retrieve the complete list of people, up to the most recent 100, who liked an update. To retrieve the likes for a given company update:

GET{id}/updates/key={COMPANY UPDATE KEY}/likes?event-type={type of company update}