LinkedIn API Resource Map

A quick-start guide to the resources available via the LinkedIn API

Member Profile

The Profile resource is the starting point for information about a member.  You can get the default view, or use Field Selectors to request particular Profile Fields for a member.


The Connections resource allows you to see information about the member's network.

People Search

The People Search resource searches for people matching your search criteria.


The Companies resource allows you to see information about companies.

Company Search

The Companies Search resource searches for companies matching your search criteria.

Company Follow and Suggestions

Follow and unfollow companies and get suggestions for companies to follow.

Company Products and Recommendations

The Company Products resource gets information on a company's products.


The Jobs resource allows you to see information about jobs.

Job Search

The Jobs Search resource searches for jobs matching your search criteria.

Job Bookmark and Suggestions

The Bookmark jobs and get suggestions for jobs.


Allows the member to send Messages to their connections, or send Invitations to connect.

Network Updates

Getting updates

Use the Network Updates resource to retrieve network updates for the member or their connections.

To retrieve the member's updates:

Posting Updates

There is a separate resource for posting Network Updates for the member.

Posting Shares

You can use the Share resource to post shares on behalf of the member.

Comments and Likes

There are various resources available for accessing comments and likes for network updates.

By default, a network update containing more than 10 comments will only return you the most recent five. To retrieve all comments for a given network update:

Where {NETWORK UPDATE KEY} is a update/update-key representing an update. Returns all comments belonging to this network update, following the same structure as above.

Use a similar syntax to retrive the complete list of people who liked an update:

Post a comment to an existing update:

Like an existing update: