Setting Display Tags for Shares

As a publisher, you can decide how you want your web pages to display when shared using the LinkedIn Share Plugin. The decisions you make apply to the different ways to share a page, including onsite or offsite sharing and imported tweets.

LinkedIn supports Open Graph tags (see To control how your web page displays for LInkedIn Today, it is particularly important to set the following tags:

Tag Description
og:title Set the title tag to control how your web page's title displays in LinkedIn Today.
og:image LinkedIn Today requires images to be at least 80 x 150 pixels. If your images does not meet this minimum size, LinkedIn picks an appropriate image of the correct size. The image rules are:
 if (og:image width > 150 && og:image height > 80) use it else linkedin picks image 

Note: Facebook also uses Open Graph tags, but does not require og:image sizes as large as LinkedIn. If you use the image size required by LinkedIn Today, the image is scaled down to work for Facebook.

Tips: A few suggestions that'll help with the image quality. When presented in the feed, the image, regardless of what you've uploaded is always sized 180x110. Our algorithm crops the image too. So, the original image -

  • Should be smaller than 180x110
  • Should be close to the same aspect ratio as 180x110; in other words, rectangular images will look better than square images
  • Should have little white space to the left, right, top and bottom as possible
    og:url The URL tag is recommended to provide the best URL link for LinkedIn to use to point to your web page.

    Please note that we clear cache on a weekly basis. Also, you should be able to serve these display tags on https.