Share and Social Stream

LinkedIn offers a high quality distribution opportunity through which our members can share
content and insights to their professional network. Shared content is distributed to the following
content destinations within the LinkedIn experience:

  • Network Updates Stream: The network updates stream is a rich and engaging feed of content and changes happening in
    real time in a user’s 1st and 2nd degree network. Viral interactions and activities in the stream create additional
    distribution opportunities across greater networks of professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Member Profile Pages: Shared content builds influence and professional identity,
    through aggregations on the sharing member’s profile page.
  • LinkedIn Today: Top shared news and content is curated both automatically and editorially across industries and
    news sources that a user is following.
  • Email: Email digests highlight top activity and news within a user’s network, and drive engagement back to your content.
  • Groups: LinkedIn groups offer a highly focused distribution network through which like-minded professionals can interact with professionals with which they share common interests or experiences.