Status Update API

This feature has been deprecated and is replaced by the Share API

Setting and Clearing LinkedIn Status

Using the Status Update API, you can issue or clear the status of the member represented by the agreement key used in the request.

To change a member's status, you PUT an XML body request to the current member's current-status resource.

There is a 140 character limit on status message.

The name of the member will be automatically prepended to status update text. You don't need to include it.

To clear a member's status, issue an HTTP DELETE request to the same resource.

Usage Rules

  • You must use an access token from the user
  • You can only set status for the user who grants you access


To have LinkedIn pass the status message along to a member's tethered Twitter account, if they have one, modify the URL to include a query string of twitter-post=true:


Issue an HTTP PUT the following XML in the body of the request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<current-status>is setting their status using the LinkedIn API.</current-status>

Retrieving Status Updates

A particular member's current status is detailed in their Profile API, so you can get a member's status by requesting:

Of course, you can use the ~, id, or public profile URL to identify the user.

To retrieve status updates for a member's first degree network you use the Get Network Updates API resource requesting just the STAT update type: