When learning a new framework, sometimes it's easier to understand how things behave by having working examples explained to you.

We've built several tutorials at various levels, from simple applications with a single function all the way up to complex applications bringing together several different types of functionality. Each tutorial points to the appropriate places in the JSAPI documentation so you can see how to adapt and extend them for your own applications

If you're looking for a tutorial on the Apply with LinkedIn plugin, read our Apply with LinkedIn Implementation Guide.


The first step on your journey

Authentication - learn how to get started with a JSAPI app by authenticating a user

Simple Applications

Reading data from LinkedIn

Login and Registration - Quick and easy integration between LinkedIn and your site's registration system

Profile - Display the user's profile information

Connections - Display the user's connections

Network Stream - Show the activity stream from the user's network

Search - Find people matching a specified filter

Extended Applications

Write data to LinkedIn

Like - "Like" entries in the network stream

Post message - Send a message

Post update - Post an update to the user's activity stream

Integrated Applications

Take data from one API and use it in another

Streamin' - Authentication, Profile, Network Stream, Like

Message Sender - Connections, Post message

People Finder - Search with facets