getting (public) profile by email address - like Xobni

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Giovanni Mascia
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Nov 23, 2009
getting (public) profile by email address - like Xobni

I am interested in a way of integrating Linkedin which is exactly what already done by Xobni, an Outlook-based organizer for email ( the Xobni site: "[...] you will see LinkedIn profile data as you send and receive email. Xobni automatically pulls the sender's employer, job title, and photo into their Xobni profile. You'll have a direct link to their complete LinkedIn profile".It looks like LikedIn is allowing Xobni to perform a query against a given email address to return the LinkedIn profile of that person.I've checked all available documentation on this site, but this integration pattern seems not being available within LinkedIn APIs.Am I missing something?Thank you,Giovanni

Anonymous (not verified)
Nov 23, 2009

For privacy reasons, we don't offer this in the public API. If you're looking for this kind of functionality you'll have to file a request for additional capabilities.

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Jul 10, 2011

Just tried to submit a request and got a Salesforce 'oops' page. Is there some other way I should be submitting a request? Thanks!

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Dec 14, 2009

Hello, I am also searching for the same api like one implemented in xobni . I havn't found any other applications which does the linkedin profile fetch on the basis on the emails. I have filed a reuqest for the same. i just want to conform that is there any tie up between xobni and linkedin? Is fetching the data from the email is a paid functionality ? Please help with the more information for this functionality , its requirements and implementation.

Anonymous (not verified)
Dec 14, 2009

Hi Pramod,We don't currently offer lookup by email address in the open program. We consider all requests that come to us through the form you filled out.Thanks,Taylor

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Mar 20, 2012

Hi is there anyway to get the email from LinkedIN.i need to extract the email id can any one please help me how to do that through API

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Mar 20, 2012

This is in the FAQ

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Mar 18, 2013

Giving email id or address shall we search the profile details as well as connections of 1st and 2nd degree... In PeopleSearch api I tried it but i didn't get any answer... Please someone help me....

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Mar 19, 2013

hey Noel:

To protect the data privacy of our users, our People Search API does not support a way to search profiles using email or address. Also, you can see the immediate connections of the authorized user but cannot see connections of 1st and 2nd degree. You already looked at our People Search API doc , and that is the best place to find information on what the API allows.