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Case Studies

WordPress is a hosted publishing platform, used by over 33 million publishers, and seen by over 600 million people each month.


Provide simple tools that site owners can implement to engage a broader, professional audience and drive viewership back to their content.


Site owners can increase the visibility of their content by simultaneously updating LinkedIn each time they create a new post on their site by using the “Publicize” feature. The new post automatically appears on the site owner’s LinkedIn profile and is shared with members of their professional network.

Site Owners can also add a LinkedIn Share plugin to their site to allow readers to effortlessly share interesting posts with their professional network. Once a post is shared on LinkedIn, it appears in the network update stream of their connections and can also appear as a headline on LinkedIn Today. There it can be seen by all professionals who are following that particular industry. New readers can discover it and click through to the site to see more relevant content and start a WordPress site themselves.

Corporate Site owners can also increase reader engagement with their company by implementing the Follow plugin. When a reader clicks the Follow plugin on a site, they will automatically begin following the appropriate Company Page on LinkedIn, without navigating off the site. Readers will then start receiving updates from the company, including most recent blog post, increasing engagement and returning site traffic.

Learn how to share your website with LinkedIn and drive traffic back to your site.